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Misplant Trichocereus cactus seeds are the finest seeds available. Misplant specializes in Trichocereus seeds, Trichocereus hybrids and related species. Each flower is carefully hand pollinated and tracked to ensure the best quality and highest germination rates. I've also taken extra steps in the seed processing to ensure the highest germination rates possible by culling all floaters and underdeveloped embryo's. Every seed packet is hand counted, not weighed, and is guaranteed to contain at least the number of seeds specified, usually more. These seeds are fresh, home grown and not imported from unknown collectors. I don't strive to be the cheapest but do strive to sell the freshest seeds available and with certain restrictions, will ship these seeds world wide. (International orders: Please allow 3 weeks for your seeds to arrive!) Tune in to Twitter for fast breaking news, sale items and coupon codes!

The first cactus listed is the "mother plant" of these seeds. This is the plant where the fruit and seeds developed. The second plant is the pollen donor or "father" in the cross. For example: Mother cactus x Father cactus.

Buy as many different varieties as you want for $5 US shipping and $15 International shipping. (2016 USPS International Shipping Rates Increased In Price) International shipments are limited to 30 packs of seed per order due to customs shipping regulations. Please make sure your paypal shipping info is correct and up to date prior to making a purchase!

Sales are limited to ONE seed packet of EACH hybrid per ORDER!
Additional ORDERS may contain previously ordered seeds
Minimum $25 Order (including shipping)
Any Order Less Than $25 Will Be Refunded!

If you order more than 1 packet per hybrid, your money will be refunded & nothing will be sent to you.

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