Rauhocereus Riosaniensis ssp Jaenensis

Rauhocereus Flower

Rauhocereus Fruit

Rauhocereus Blooms

This year's fresh, home grown, hand pollinated Rauhocereus Riosaniensis ssp Jaenensis cactus seeds. Rauhocereus Riosaniensis ssp Jaenensis are unique cacti from Peru and very, very rare in the US. These unique cacti were grown from wild Peruvian seed by way of a very serious cactus collector in Europe. As far as I know, this most likely is the ONLY TIME seeds of pure Rauhocereus have been made in cultivation the US and possibly the world. These plants are all direct offspring from wild seed, and produced several flowers and some fruits with seeds. It's a pure F2 cross of wild seedlings. These seeds are fresh, homegrown, and not imported from unknown collectors. I do have several years' experience shipping cactus seeds on a worldwide basis and as such have many happy customers.