Trichocereus Pachanoi "Leyenda"

Leyenda pollen was used to pollinate several of Misplant's flowers this year. These crosses represent a "one of a kind" hybrid cross of a "true" Pachanoi. Each of the cross pollinated flowers was tagged for identification purposes as the resulting fruit matured. These seeds are fresh, homegrown, and not imported from unknown collectors half way around the world. As far as we know, seeds such as these have never been offered before and are extremely rare. It is not known if, or when, the Leyenda may flower again.

The Photo below was taken by AZS ahortly after receiving the plant from Sacred Succulents in early 2013. These specimens were approximately 5- 6 inches long and were potted up the day after the photo was taken. They were grown under 30% shade cloth and receive sun all day long.

The photo above was taken in the Fall of 2013 after receiving the second BK08611.4 from Sacred Succulentsis.
Leyenda "The Legend"

... was sourced from Parque de las Leyendas in Peru by Sacred Succulents. Leyenda is a unique, longer spined "True" Pachanoi from Peru. SAB member AZS acquired two of these plants from Sacred Succulents in 2013. Miraculously one of them flowered this year after less than two years in the Arizona sun. This is the first and only flower Leyenda has ever produced for AZS. An attempt to pollinate Leyenda with stored (previously frozen) pollen was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, AZS collected loads of fresh pollen from the single Leyenda flower and immediately sent some to Misplant. Misplant was able to successfully produce seed from Leyenda's pollen. As far as we know, this is the first time seeds were produced from Leyenda pollen and been offered for sale.

The photo below is the BK08611.4 AZS received from Sacred Succulents sitting next to Bridgesii "Reynolds" on the left and SS02 on the right. This is the only flower Leyenda has produced so far. The photo was taken in 2015 when pollen was harvested by AZS.